I would like to have my rooms energetically cleansed. How should I imagine the procedure?

It is important for me to know the concerns and needs of the customer and to create trust through a personal conversation. If you would like me to energetically purify your building or certain rooms, we will therefore make an appointment on site for a joint inspection of the building or the rooms concerned. This is also an opportunity to evaluate the situation on site and to clarify remaining questions.
Afterwards, I need time to deal with the building as a whole or with specific premises. How long this takes depends on each individual case. It is advantageous if I can be in the building during my work and if necessary even in or in front of a particularly affected room and carry out the cleansing work there. If there is no other possibility (e.g. the rooms are booked), I can also carry out the cleansing from a somewhat greater distance.
I work solely with my perception. For my work I am therefore not dependent on incense or other tools, but this can be used as a support if desired by or in consultation with the client.


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How much time does energetic cleansing take?

The time required depends on each case, i.e. among other things on the size of the hotel or BnB, the specific problem and the prevailing energies. It may be that there are persistent energies that need to be looked at closely and on different levels. On the other hand, it is also possible that the energy of the hotel complex or the BnB is already very clean and that only a basic energetic cleansing is needed, although even such a basic cleansing requires a corresponding amount of time. Regardless of the specific situation on site and the time involved, I charge the same price. The client should know in advance what costs he or she can expect.

Is there a guarantee of being successful?

If a place or space is energetically cleansed, the result is usually that the energy becomes lighter and clearer. Usually this has a noticeable effect on the well-being or even the behavior of the people present there. Of course, this always depends on the degree and type of pollution.
However, it would be unserious to give a guarantee of success. The circumstances in the energetic sphere are too diverse and in some cases there are reasons why an energy cannot leave. This is possible, for example, if an energy is bound to a person and the person concerned cannot or does not want to let it go. But also an energy may not want to go, simply because it is not yet time for it.
However, my experiences have been consistently positive. Even in severe cases, there are usually ways and means to free places or premises from burdening energies or at least to bring significant relief.

Our hotel is not located nearby. Can you do an energetic cleansing remotely?

Yes, I can also perform an energetic cleansing from a distance (so-called remote cleansing). For example, it is possible to cleanse, stabilise and strengthen the locations energy and each building as a whole. In this way, the energy level of a hotel can be significantly improved and secondly, the hotel remains less susceptible to negative energies. With remote cleansing, therefore, a relevant added value can already be achieved for the hotel and and for the well-being of its guests.

By nature, certain channels of perception are not accessible to me from a distance. Therefore, it is more difficult to recognise energies in detail, to sense the quality of the energy and to work actively with these energies. With a remote cleansing, I therefore work with the energy in a somewhat more superordinate way than with an on-site energetic cleansing. I therefore usually recommend an on-site energetic cleansing.

Do you offer energy cleansing to clients other than hotels and BnB?

I have specialised in hotels and BnB out of the conviction that there is an increased need for energetic cleansing in the hotel industry. On the one hand, hosts want their guests to feel comfortable and relaxed, both factors that - amongst others - depend on the energetic quality of a place. On the other hand, hotel guests - in contrast to clients of other services - spend the night on site (time of special sensitivity) and sometimes stay there for several days or even weeks (long duration of effect). The energy of a location is therefore of increased importance in the hotel industry, at least as far as customers are concerned.

This does not mean that the energy of a location is not also important in other places. Therefore, upon special request, I can also carry out energetic cleansings in yoga studios, restaurants or in smaller businesses, for example.

Is there anything I can do myself to energetically purify a room or to keep it clean after an energetic cleansing?