Is there anything I can do myself to energetically purify a room or to keep it clean after an energetic cleansing?

Yes, you can. There are many methods to energetically cleanse a room. It is not always necessary to see or feel the energies and to actively work with them on a subtle level.

For example, white sage is one of the most effective incenses for removing negative energies. For an incense burn, light the end of a sage bundle or a sage leaf, let it flare up briefly and then blow it out. Spread the resulting smoke around the concerned premises to remove polarised energy. It is advisable to place a bowl under the sage in case embers fall. Extinguish the sage cleanly at the end (e.g. with water).

Resins such as frankincense or mastix are also effective instruments for energetic purification. They can be obtained in great variety and have the advantage that there is hardly any smoke development. It is worthwhile to pay attention to good quality.

Another method is to cleanse the room with sound. High vibrating sounds raise the frequency of the energy in space. Sound purification can be very effective and has the advantage that it can penetrate everything, even dense bodies.


To prevent energetic impurities from occurring in the first place, a good room climate is very helpful. You don't have to have any special knowledge to know that a lovingly created space manifests and attracts different energies than a cluttered room. It is a well-known psychological principle that a tidy room offers less incentive to leave things lying around than a room where things are already carelessly lying on the floor. This principle also applies to the energetic realm. Energetically, rooms in which people meet consciously and mindfully also offer much better protection against impurities than a place where there is a lot of arguing. Not all energies can be balanced or dispelled in this way. However, regular use of said tools and observance of the above principles is very helpful in keeping the energy of a room or place clean.